First Steps
  • How can I use Carmate4U.com?
    To use the Carmate offer it is necessary to register with a functioning email address as a user
    To Sign UP, go to the "Sign UP" menu.
    By completing the online registration form and confirming the received email
    notification, you create a user account with which you can use the offer of Carmate4U.com
    You can log in to Carmate4U.com with your user ID (= email address) and your own password.
    Your data will be treated confidentially, among other things, only your specified first name will be publicly displayed.
    The full name is stored for identification purposes only.
    No data will be passed on to third parties without your consent.
I as a passenger
  • How to find a ride?
    After logging in as a user, you can enter your desired route under the menu item Rides.
    You can limit your search with one day (this is optional).
  • How to book a seat on a ride?
    You can book a seat by contacting the driver directly.
    Ask if there is still place available and if you can go along.
  • How will be the ride togehter?
    More details can be found in our Carmate4U-Codex
  • How do I pay for my ride?
    This is done directly between the driver and the passanger. Preferably before departure, to avoid misunderstandings.
    Your ticket is not paid via Carmate4u.
    Carmate4u is not responsible for your payments.
  • Cancellation before rideshare?
    Inform your Carmate driver in good time if you do not need your seat.
    This should definitely not be done 2 minutes before the ride starts.
I as a driver
  • How can I offer a ride?
    After logging in as a user,
    You can create a ride under the menu item "Rides" -> "Create ride".
  • How can I delete a ride?
    Under the menu item "Rides" My Rides "you can choose your rides.
    Click on the Edit Icon (Icon insert) and Scroll down on the ride edit page.
    By clicking the button
    "Delete" and a confirming of your ride will be deleted.
  • My responsibility as a driver?
    Be responsible when you take along with you Carmate4u people
    Drive carefully and do not make risky driving maneuvers.
    After all, your passengers should feel comfortable.
  • The ride togehter (as a driver)?
    More details can be found in our Carmate4U-Code
  • I have forgotten my password. What to do?

    Just click on the link "Forgotten password? Click on the menu on the right and enter
    the email address you specified during the SignUP process.
    You will immediately receive your information by e-mail.
    If you do not have access to this e-mail address, please contact us directly.
  • Do you have an improvement suggestion for us?
    Use our contact form to inform us of your ideas.
  • Do you have a technical problem?
    Use our contact form to inform us of your ideas.
    We will solve it as soon as possible.
  • Will my full name be published?
    Your full name will only be stored internally to clarify your identity.
    Only your first name and the first letter of your surname will be published.
  • Can people know where I live?
    No. Your address, if specified, is not publicly visible.
    However, if you specify your address as the start or end point of a route, this is accessible to all users.
    However, you can omit the house number, for a Carmate4u.com offer this is usually not necessary.
  • What is my email address required for?
    Your email address serves as a way to distinguish the users.
    No advertising messages will be sent to your email address.
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